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Student Outcomes and Profile

2022 Student Accomplishment Rate

The 2022 Graduate Report includes information on the success of August 2021, December 2021, and May 2022 Zimpleman College of Business graduates. This report reflects the status of graduates approximately six months after the May graduation date.    

The accomplishment rate is defined as the percentage of graduates who are employed, enrolled in graduate or professional school, involved in an activity related to professional goals (internship, volunteerism, residency, fellowship, or pursuit of second bachelor’s degree), or elected not to pursue professional goals at this time. 

Data for the report were gathered in person; e-mail, and telephone surveys; and through input from faculty and staff. Data collection began at commencement in December 2021 and May 2022 and was completed in early January 2023. 

Undergraduate Programs
Accomplishment Rate: 99.0%

Graduate Programs
Accomplishment Rate: 98.7%


*The Class of 2023 data will be updated when released.

The Class of 2022 full report can be found at 2022 Measure of Success Report.


Student Profile

The Drake University Undergraduate Class Profile page provides statistical information on the most recent class of entering first-year students, including:

  • Total number of students
  • Student demographics
  • Academic profile
  • Distribution by college and school



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